Average household throws 338kg food away…..

Despite 62% of British people thinking food waste is unhygienic research shows that the average household throws away 6.5kg of food waste every week amounting to 338kg per year. The most common meals thrown away include roast dinners, takeaways ,and ¬†pasta. Of the 6.5kg per week a fifth is leftover food , the equivalent of three plates of food! 60% of adults and 70% of children leave food whether it is because they have put too much on their plate or ¬†they don’t like the taste.

46% of Brits admitted they worry about the amount of food thrown away with another 56% concerned about the cost but 55% admit to cooking too much food.

The rest of the waste is made up of out-of-date food, peelings and unedible food for example food.

A responsible way to dispose of food waste is to use a waste disposal unit. This is neatly fitted under your sink and food is passed directly into it through the sink waste. The food is then mulched and passed into the waste water system . This has a positive impact on reducing waste going to landfill sites and improving our carbon footprint.