Don’t Move Invest in a new kitchen

white kitchenThe housing market is becoming buoyant again and house prices are going up each month as we tear through 2014.

The cost of moving is significant with stamp duty costing a buyer of a £600,000 property £24,000, add onto this estate agent, removal and legal fees and well in excess of £40,000 could be your removal bill.

Instead why not spend that £40,000 on an extended and remodelled kitchen ? Keller kitchens in Bramhall supply stunning kitchens, free kitchen designs and a bank of dedicated tradesmen to work on your extension and installation of your new kitchen.

Keller Kitchens in Bramhall known as Byles kitchen showroom has been established since 1932, accredited with full Kbsa stamp of approval, call in today to discuss your kitchen remodelling project.