Kitchens – why they are the most expensive room in the house

We crave to not only cook and eat in our kitchens but it’s also become the most important room in the house to ‘hang-out’.

We increasingly look to extend our kitchens, knock through to make larger kitchens all to make our kitchen a place to socialise, watch TV, cosy up on a sofa and much more.

kitchen open plan

Kitchens have become so important to the British that it’s now the room we spend the most money on.

The 21st century kitchen is now a place to dazzle your friends and neighbours — from the trendy gloss units of fashionable apartments to handmade units in suburban family homes.

The kitchen has evolved into one of the most-used rooms with island units, stylish splashbacks, striking tiled floors, and is comes with all manner of stainless steel appliances and gadgets.

We spend as much as 800 hours in our kitchen every year, according to recent research.

Householders not only spend more time in their kitchen than ever before but they are also happy to splash more cash in order to make sure their kitchen is state-of-the art and, in many cases, as comfortable as the traditional living room.

For over 15% of the population a spend of between £10,000 — £25,000 on their kitchen is routine.

Customers are happy to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest kitchen worktops, cookers, dishwashers, kitchen cabinets, extractor hoods, fridges, flooring, wine coolers and HD televisions for their kitchen because they spend so much time in the room.

The 21st Century kitchen has become the modern ‘family room’, where family members are most likely to gather, chat and spend quality time together,

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