Planning a new kitchen

It’s an exciting time starting to plan your new kitchen.
One way to start planning is to look at the appliances you need -try neff appliances as a good starting point to pick contemporary high quality appliances.
Another approach is to start collecting amazing kitchen photos. Go to one of Cheshire kitchen showroom’s website and choose from hundreds of kitchen photos to get you truly inspired¬†
IMGP6977 copyThink about how your new kitchen will be used – how many people will be cooking and gathering here, and how they’ll need to move around in it. Do you need to extend your space? Or can you work with your existing kitchen footprint?
Time to start finding local kitchen suppliers who can inspire you further and start to give you an idea for how much you need to budget for your new kitchen.
Byles kitchen showrooms in Bramhall and Marple are ideal places to visit early in your planning to get some great ideas and individual planning help.