There is gold trim around the numbers

Hacker finished third. However, the former Madison West standout was the best finisher to reach the qualifying standard earlier in the season.The teammates left Friday for Poland. They will compete on July 23.Barry Alvarez weighs in on Friday night football in the Big TenBarry Alvarez weighs in on Friday night football in the Big TenThe Big Ten Conference announced Wednesday they would be playing a select amount of Friday night football games beginning in 2017.

Miami Plans for construction were announced in 1958, and before you could say Ugh! the views of Biscayne Bay from Overtown and the MacArthur Causeway were obliterated by this squat, hulking orange monument to stifled imagination. Clearly it was at the vanguard of a style (American Utilitarian?) that would inspire for decades to come the builders of high schools and inner city housing projects. This is no Tribune Tower in Chicago, an Art Deco ode to that city’s daily paper.

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