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Yet public documents detailing both his personal and campaign accounts seem to paint a picture at odds with the image Young has sought to cultivate since entering Congress in 2011.The congressman collected an improper tax deduction on a rental home, bounced a $4,000 check when making a payment on delinquent property taxes and was fined thousands of dollars by the Federal Election Commission for sloppy campaign finance practices.Those details, reported individually in the past by The Associated Press and other news organizations, have largely gone under the radar in a tight race against Democratic former Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh that likely will help determine which party controls the Senate next year.Young has been largely successful so far in shifting the focus onto his Democratic opponent. Bayh, who primarily lives in Washington, sought lucrative work in the financial world even before leaving the Senate and cast votes that aligned with the priorities of his future bosses.But in the closing days before the Nov.

wholesale jerseys This is a familiar situation for the hundreds of refugees in St. Louis.Take Sunita Manu for example, she was born in Monrovia, Liberia, a country in West Africa, but her family fled during the first Liberian Civil War, walking more than 400 miles, to the neighboring Cote d’Ivoire.”My grandmother was killed by a stray bullet, said Manu, as was her grandfather.By the time they arrived, Manu and her mother got separated from her two brothers.”Growing up in Cote d’Ivoire I was reminded that I am a refugee and I need to go back to where I came from, said Manu.Ten years later, Manu and her mother arrived in the United States as refugees.”It was definitely different than what I expected or imagined, said Manu, but there was something familiar.”My first day in school, I was reminded that I’m African and I needed to go back to my country, said Manu.That lack of compassion and empathy is what people at Gitana Productions want to change.The local 18 year arts and education program uses the https://www.cheapjerseys13.com arts to bring different cultural and economic groups together.Their upcoming one act play titled “New World” tackles the plight of refugees. The big goal is to help St. wholesale jerseys

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